Having said a little about modular in the introductory aspect of this article, I will then go ahead at defining what is meant by “Modular”. Modular is defined as a qualitative low-cost building specification built and tailored to meet a targeted audience or group of a class in the society. It may either be for educational, medical or residential purposes. Lest I forget, the modular building is the smartest way of building, while still following the standard or building codes of the state. You should get experts opinion from home builders in northern va

There are quite large strata of people in every society, the poor people, the lowly placed people, the average people, the middle class and the high-class people. All of these categories of people requires that their needs be met. This is the reason why you engage in modular house building.



I will be talking on some steps that you need to take before engaging in the process of building a house or any property, be it modular or high scale property building. They are enumerated below:

  • Feasibility Study and Conceptual Budget: It is instructive to say that, before you embark on the building of a property, it is ethically nice and will be of great benefit that you take the step of putting in place a feasibility study. This study should be able to capture all the basic material and financial requirements that your intended house will need. This will involve the physical inspection of the site, the topography and the ensuring that building code of that area is known and followed.

  • Conceptual Design: After the completion of the feasibility, what is next is the conceptual design of the modular house that you want to build. The design will depend on the population of the people that are pre-planned to live in the house when completed. The conceptual design will take into consideration the floor plan, the entire room structures, the elevator, should there be a need for one in the building, and all other interior and exterior design. The exterior may include facilities such as garages, drive way, flower beds and landscaping. Upon completion of all of this, then you can contract the building out to the firm of building engineers.

  • Project Funding and Construction Agreement: As soon as steps 1 and 2 are perfectly in place, then what is next is the mobilization of the contractors. The mobilization will be the next step after a construction agreement is perfectly put in place and all the necessary gray areas identified and clearly defined. Note that the construction agreement will define the scope of work to be done, the conceptual design documents, not leaving out the payment schedule. It is the payment schedule that will serve as the consideration for the engineers to move men to site to begin work.

  • Engineering: There is no way you will have to leave out the engineering aspect of your modular building. The engineering aspect of the building includes structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical and the civil. All of these are needed to be completed by the adequately qualified firm of engineers.


  • Obtainment of Permit: Sufficient to say that, after all of the above steps are observed and followed, it is important that you obtain a permit from the building regulatory authority in the state of California. If a permit is not obtained, it may be difficult to have the construction started.


  • Site Construction and Off-Site Construction: As soon as you have obtained the building permit from the required regulatory authority, then the US Modular will move in to start the foundation of the building as specified in the conceptual design. Do not forget, that the regulatory author will embark on a three step action of state license inspection; supervision and ensuring that quality control standard is followed.

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